Our Product Line

Blade & Wheel for semiconductor industry

Ongoing technological advances in Semiconductors and electronic components are giving rise a succession of new materials. As a result, E-Grind develops new precision diamond tools for these materials.

E-Grind Precision diamond wheels have been widely used in cutting, slotting, dicing, back-thinning and other precision processing in Semi-Conductor industry.

1. Dicing Blade with Hub

Our diamond blade with Hub is with a stronger edge, which makes the blade more rigid and keep the edge not to be broken, so the cutting with the blade is in high efficiency and excellent quality. This wheel is mainly used for the cutting and dicing wafers of silicon, gaas, gap, pzt etc.

2. Dicing Blade without Hub

Dicing Blade without hub is a kind of ultra thin and precision diamond blade with excellent cutting ability, good rigidity and high efficiency. It fits to be used for dicing and slitting of many materials, such as semiconductors, electronic components, ceramic, etc.

3. Precision cutting wheel

  3.1 Metal core type

With metal core, precision cutting wheels have a higher rigidity, suitable for high-load cutting, deep cutting, also the V-shape, R-shape and other blade edge shapes available for many different purposes. . Our highly versatile cutting wheels can satisfy all types of processing requirement.

  3.2 Non-core type

To work on precision electronic parts, a thin cutting wheel is required. E-Grind's non-core type wheels are hubless and highly precise. The wheels are commonly used with dicing machines or high precision slicing machines. Various types of bonds (metal, resin, electroforming) are available for this type of cutting wheel, which is also used to cut magnetic heads, glass, the ceramics used used in electronic, and other materials.

4. Wheels for Wafer Back Grinding

E-Grind Back-Grinding wheels have developed the technology to combine diamond and bond to meet your requirements. Especially our advanced porosity technology make it possible to grind all types of wafer with less bug-surface damage. Our Back-Grinding wheels use a special vitrified bond for rough grinding, or resin bond for fine finishing improved process accuracy. Our back- grinding wheel features free cutting, excellent wear resistance, and good shape maintainability for long durability.