Our Product Line

Conventional wheels

Our products line for conventional wheels are mounted wheels, Sharpening Stones, vitrified bond wheel, resin bond wheel, rubber bond wheel.  

Mounted Wheels

E-Grind supplies all shapes of Mounted Wheels.
Types:    Resin Bond, Vitrified Bond
Application: grinding mechanical parts, dies, oil nozzle and the special shaped part of workpieces.

Sharpening Stone

E-Grind supplies all shapes of Sharpening Stones. Sharpening Stones can be used for manually grinding knife, cylinder grinding, Rubber knife Grinding, Super Finishing bearing sets.
Abrasive materials available for Sharpening Stone: Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide.

Resin-bonded Conventional Grinding Wheels Series

The Resin bonded grinding wheels are used in the fields of steel and iron, automobile, machinery, bearing and stone etc. E-Grind supplies this series of wheels with premium performances of heavy-duty, high speed and high precision etc.

Vitrified-bonded Conventional Grinding Wheels Series 

We supply a full range of Vitrified bonded conventional grinding wheels and special purpose wheels wildly used in abrasives and non-abrasives fields.
I.e. Straight Wheels, Cylinder Wheels, Straight Cup Wheels, Wheels Tapered, Wheels Tapered Two Sides, Dish Wheels etc.

Rubber-bonded Conventional Grinding Wheels Series 

Rubber grinding wheel refers to abrasive products with the bond of rubber and mainly made of brown corundum and white corundum.

According to the use, rubber abrasive products can be classified into four types:
1. Precise grinding wheel:  used for precise grinding and final grinding working procedure;
2. Guide wheel:  used for making work piece uniform motion and guarantee the exterior size and tolerance of form and position;
3. Cutting grinding wheel:  used for grooving of the cutters, generally the thickness is under 5mm;
4. Polishing grinding wheel: used for the polishing of workpieces.