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Diamond Dressing Roller

Vitrified grinding wheels with Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide, Diamond or CBN as grinding media loose their profile accuracy and cutting capacity after extended use. In order to restore the same, the grinding wheels have to be subjected to a dressing process.

At present, cylindrical grind wheels or wheels having simple profiles are dressed by means of diamond-single-grit dressers, diamond-multiple-stone-dressers, or by means of diamond-dressing plates, in a tolerance range of +/-0.05 mm.

For higher precision requirements like +/-0.005mm and especially for complicated profile shapes, the dressing of grinding wheels can be accomplished only by highly precise diamond rolls.

Diamond rolls are primarily used for manufacture in large series.

Diamond dressing rolls are divided into two series:

Diamond Profile Roller


  • Quick transfer of difficult profile shapes onto the grinding wheel for series production.
  • Possibilities of automatizing the dressing process
  • Production of a large number of workpieces with very narrow and uniform tolerances
  • Low dressing costs for each workpiece due to the long using life of diamond profile rolls.
  • Minimization of reject rate due to reproducible manufacturing tolerances.

Diamond Form Roller


  • Quick transfer of most different profile shapes to ceramic grinding wheels
  • No problems in case of changes of profile shape, as only the grinding wheel has to be newly profiled.
  • Low production costs for small numbers of workpieces
  • Low dressing costs due to long using life of diamond form rolls.
  • Repeated re-profiling is possible.