Our Product Line


E-Grind has developed the wheels specially for precision grinding purpose in electronic molds industry. It is suitable for slotting and grooving Carbide & HSS, profile grinding and other precision surface grinding.

PG grinding wheel (Profile Grinding wheels)

PG grinding wheels are for precision profile grinding Carbide & HSS. The thinnest wheel available is with 0.0118"; The Max OD is 150mm. The often used wheels are 3A1 or 4B1.

Machines: Wasino, Amada, Waida, Petewe etc.




Surface Grinding wheels:

This wheel is used for precision grinding of dies include a broad range of wheels with assorted bonds to meet varying work specifications. Besides the normal Aluminum Core and Steel core, E-Grind also provides the ceramic core, which has perfect heat dissipation and suitable for deep feed and high stock removal.

It is divided into Roughing, Finishing and Polishing. The finest grit can be 2000mesh.