Our Product Line

For PCD & PCBN inserts

With special vitrified bond, E-Grind created a high efficient diamond wheels suitable for sharpening PCD/PCBN insert. The advantages of our bond are as follows:

  • The perfect grinding process efficiency
  • Shortened shut-down grinder times
  • High machining accuracy
  • Remarkably higher life in comparison with traditional grinding wheels
  • Short grinding times
  • Very good tool profile stability

The CBN physical properties (hardness, abrasion and high temperature resistance ) in connection with vitrified bond properties (hardness, brittleness, porosity structure) allow to machine a workpiece more aggressive with a great capacity and to achieve a high grinding productivity.

How to choose the grit size?

Grit Size Machining Type Application
D22 Rough Regeneration grinding a blade edge profiling and sharpening of much worn inserts
D15 universal Standard grain size-there is a possibility of getting a high sharpening efficiency  and good quality machined surfaces by take advantage of additional spark-out passes.
D9 finish Finishing grinding - getting a very good quality of machined surfaces.
D6 superfinish Superfinish grinding - getting a brilliant quality of machined surfaces.

Machines: EWAG-RS15&RS12,FARMAN-FD250