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Vitrified Diamond CBN Wheel

Vitrified bonded Diamond CBN wheels are medium of metal bonding and resin bonding. It gives excellent performance in the processing of hard materials with high stock removal rate and good wear resistance.

Glassized sintered inorganic material is used as bond, a lot of pores are existing between diamond particles, therefore shielding phenomenon of diamond is nearly avoided. It result in improving grinding quality by minimum heat occurrence by grinding, and the life time of wheel is getting longer with a few dressing

Vitrified bonded diamond wheels

It is widely used for PCD/PCBN, diamond, gemstone etc. It features with high finishing, long using life, edge remaining, not easy to load up, low heating...


E-grind vitrified bonded CBN wheels with significant superiority in high efficiency grinding processes when compared with conventional wheels. The basic feature of those grinding tools are as below:

  • The perfect grinding process efficiency
  • Shortened shut-down grinder times
  • High machining accuracy
  • Remarkably higher life in comparison with traditional grinding wheels
  • Short grinding times
  • Very good tool profile stability

The CBN physical properties (hardness, abrasion and high temperature resistance ) in connection with vitrified bond properties (hardness, brittleness, porosity structure) allow to machine a workpiece more aggressive with a great capacity and to achieve a high grinding productivity.