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For Woodworking Industry, Resin bond Diamond and CBN Wheels are the best choice. The applications include sharpening and production grinding. With more than 40 years experiences, E-Grind has developed the premium bonds for this application. We provide both standard specs and Custom made wheels.

1.Resin Bond Diamond wheel is to grind Tungsten Carbide tipped tools and saws.
2.Resin Bond CBN wheel is to grind the circular saws and band saws made from HSS,
   tool steel, Stellite type material.
3.CDX wheel is to grind the tool made from the combination of Carbide and hardened Tool Steel.
   Our special designed diamond wheel provide efficient grinding on these two different materials.

Top Grinding Face Grinding Side Grinding Cup Grinding
Knife Grinding Profile Wheels Cold Saw Wheel  

Top Grinding

We provide the wheel with multiple grits for top grinding application, which ensures one grinding process to complete both roughing and finishing operations. It is a prerequisite to optimize true running and maximize the productivity of circular saws.

Machines suitable: Akemat, Utma & Walter

6A9  Vollmer Biberach
Single, Dual, Triple
Quad grits available

6A2 Vollmer Gamma/Beta
Single, Dual, Triple
Quad grits available

6A9 Maximum
Single, Dual, Triple
Quad grits available

Face Grinding

Our wheels for Face Grinding optimize the cutting performance of the saw and guarantee that achieves a long service life. We can provide the ultra thin wheel to grind circular saw with more than 100 teeth.

Wheel body: Bakelite and Aluminum

Facing wheel with Bakelite core

Bakelite body features flexibility when grinding to ensure the long using life and grinding quality. We provide this type of wheel with the abrasive section of minimum 0.019"thick, to grind the saw with teeth space of 0.039".


Single Grit, Dual Grit availalbe–20, 30 and 45

Single Grit, Dual Grit available


bakelite core

Side Grinding

We provide the best wheel for side grinding application, ensuring one grinding process to complete rough and finishing grinding operations simultaneously. It is a prerequisite for an optimized surface quality.

AKE Akemat, Utma & Walter
Single, Dual, Triple
Quad grits available

Single Grit, Dual Grit available


Cup Grinding

D=Diameter T=Thickness B=Hole
Bore Core: Aluminium or Powdered Aluminium

60° and 70°


Knife Grinding

D=Diameter T=Thickness B=Hole Bore
For Machines: REFORM, GOCKEL


Profile Wheel

Our Diamond and CBN profile wheels offer aggressive material removal rates combined with superior finish. Available for all manual and CNC profile grinders using synthetic or oil coolant.

Our premium profile wheels offer the following features:

  • Available with hardened steel or aircraft grade aluminum cores ground or turned on CNC machinery
  • CNC ground diamond radius provides an exact match to your grinder’s tracing pin
  • Machines: Weinig, UT.MA, Schneeberger, Walter, Wadkin, Foley, SCMI, United, Tigra, Andi, Nielson
  • Applications: Diamond for carbide or inlaid carbide/steel (Bak-Pak); CBN for HSS, Jonalloy, or Stellite
  • Styles: 14F1R, 14A1R, 1F1R, 1A1R





Cold Saw Wheel

For tooth-form grinding
For Automatic saw blade grinding machines, Tempo ECT and Lorach CNC.
Our Cold Saw wheel features the best edge stability.